The DO4000 is a very compact and light instrument. It has been especially designed for fast and versatile acquisition in any situations where strong stationary echoes are present. It can also acquire simultaneously profiles from any of its 4 channels. It can also realize 2D/3D measurements in real time.


The DOP3010 is a very versatile instrument which contains all the available software packages of the DOP3000. Its built-in 10 channels multiplexer allows to perform sequential measurements from 10 different probes. It can also realize 2D/3D measurements in realtime.


This instrument has been designed to fit user's request in terms of specifications and budget. The DOP3000 is a single channel, modular instrument, which can be concidered as a Budget base + upgrades software packages..

DOP2000 (no more available)

The DOP2000 belongs to the second generation of Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimeter we manufactured. It was an all in one instrument and was the instrument that allowed the UDV technique to penetrate the scientific community.

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